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  • 5 Characters: Archer, Mage, Knight, Thief, Shaman.
  • EXP Rate Slightly increased than low rate (EXP Rate is designed based on continuity for as long as possible to ensure that you stay in the presence of all updates).
  • Customized drop rate.
  • Max weapon [G100] (Int-oriented Stuff).
  • Fully new maps (NEVER SEEN).
  • Storyline based on a real useful mission (The storyline will be permanently updated and items for each stage will be added according to the server progress).
  • Daily quests (Designed to be practical and useful).
  • NEW Craft system.
  • NEW UI Kit design.
  • NEW Tournament MAPS [Battle Field – Raid System] (More tournament maps will be created over time).
  • Battle Field, GvG, Protect Leader, Triangular Battle, Guild Raid, Raid System,
    and a lot Event maps.
  • Carefully balanced PVP.
  • Level difference PVP effect.
  • 3 types of pets (non-overpowered stats).
  • Most epic pets.
  • Balanced costume stats.
  • Most epic costumes.
  • Non-overpowered pimp.
  • Useful honor system.
  • Epic vote rewards.
  • NEW Random bosses’ system.
  • No Demon Gong.
  • Easy grinding donates items.
    Castle Siege

    Destructing Key Points

    Protecting Leader

    Last Man Standing